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Service FAQS

The following frequently asked questions are about Sunbelt, the anesthesia services we offer, and issues affecting the healthcare industry:

Who are you and what do you do?

We are a Veteran-owned and operated anesthesia staffing and management company. We partner with ambulatory surgical centers and surgeons with individual office based practices.

What services do you offer?

Each facility and office has different needs. We offer support in all areas of anesthesia, including the following:

Executive management/leadership

Clinical affairs and quality assurance

Recruiting and credentialing

Payer contracting, revenue management, and billing

Consultation re: logistics, durable equipment, and supplies

What makes you different from any other anesthesia management company? 

Sunbelt Anesthesia Services focuses on a personal relationship with each client. What that means for our partners is a dedication to building an anesthesia team that consistently delivers improved anesthesia performance, clinical outcomes, and optimized financial results in the most efficient environment possible.

We work side-by-side with our partners who appreciate the easy access they have to our management and team of professional providers. We are committed to being integral in the various transitions a business endures during a lifespan.

How do you make sure our surgeons and nurses are satisfied with any changes in anesthesia?

We recognize the importance of ensuring that all staff is on board with any changes to the delivery of anesthesia. We collaborate with surgeons, nurses, and administrators in assessing, implementing, and evaluating anesthesia changes.

We encourage candid communication from patients, staff, and medical providers in the form of satisfaction surveys and face-to-face discussions. We believe transparency and partnership are important to improve both clinical and operational efficiencies, while ensuring a successful transition and optimizing patient care.

How do you measure clinical quality and patient safety for anesthesia? 

We collaborate with you to deliver the highest level of clinical quality and patient safety. Our Quality Assessment Quality Improvement (QAQI) program sets the foundation for clinical standards.  Our QAQI program is supported by evidence-based practice established by our national medical and nursing professional societies and the subspecialty societies we serve.  We define, measure, and value anesthesia clinical quality through each patient encounter.  The data helps identify opportunities for improvement and establishes appropriate benchmarks for anesthesia care standards.