Anesthesia Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sun​belt Anesthesia LLC?

Sunbelt Anesthesia Services, LLC is an anesthesia care team practice model comprised of board certified anesthesiologists, contracted anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and operational support staff. Our corporate name is Sunbelt Anesthesia Services, LLC, the practice Tax ID number is 90-0919535, and the practice National Practitioner Identifier (NPI) number is 1205172079.

Who do I contact to determine if my health insurance carrier provides coverage for anesthesia services?

Your physician office can obtain any precertification necessary prior to the surgery date, and generally an additional precertification is not required for the anesthesia service. Your health insurance carrier can confirm if the anesthesia service is a covered benefit based on your elected health insurance plan. All insurance plans are different and we strongly recommend that you contact your health insurance provider for information about any financial responsibility. (Contact information for the insurance provider is normally located on your insurance card.)

Who do I contact with question(s) about an anesthesia service bill from Sunbelt Anesthesia Services, LLC?

Call Anesthesia Business Consultants at 1-800-242-1131 ext. 4230, and please reference Sunbelt Anesthesia Services as your anesthesia provider.

How is the anesthesia service billed and what can I expect to pay?

The anesthesia service is billed on a time and complexity basis. Occasionally, claims may be paid as out of network, and in this instance we contact your insurance provider for reconsideration of the claim. It is often beneficial for patients (or primary insured individuals) to contact the insurance carrier to request an Explanation of Benefit (EOB) form.

How do I submit payment for the anesthesia service?

Online Option: 

Phone Option: Call Anesthesia Billing Consultants at 1-800-242-1131 ext. 4230

Mail Option: Anesthesia Billing Consultants 

Attention: Sunbelt Anesthesia Services, LLC PO Box 25801 Tampa, FL 33622. 

*Please make payment to SUNBELT ANESTHESIA SERVICES, LLC and include your account number if available, full name, date of service, date of birth and a return phone number.